Course Description

Instructor: Howard Cohen

Discover the hidden treasures of Paris with our "Lesser Known Paris Pt 2 - Continue the Journey" course. Explore an atelier-turned-museum dedicated to a significant Modernist sculptor (not Rodin), a unique museum nestled within the Louvre yet distinct from its main galleries. Wander through a landscaped elevated walkway adorned with artist workshops in the lower viaducts and dine at bouillon restaurants boasting exquisite Art Nouveau interiors (be sure to look up what bouillon restaurants are!). Delve into the captivating history of a luxurious mansion-turned-museum, a tale reminiscent of a Horatio Alger novel.


Marvel at a breathtaking viewing deck (not the Eiffel Tower) offering panoramic vistas of the city skyline. Embark on a boat trip that ventures beyond the Seine, immersing yourself in lesser-explored waterways. Escape the tourist crowds as you relax in a picturesque park beloved by locals, and browse the vibrant Saturday market where vendors perform a ballet of commerce. Treat yourself to a night of musical entertainment at an Art Deco theater, and retreat to the perfect hotel to complete your Parisian experience.


Join us on this Virtual journey to uncover more of Paris's best-kept secrets, as we unveil gems that most tourists overlook due to time constraints or lack of inclination.  If you missed the first Part, no worries, you can still enjoy all the additional information Howard will be sharing.   


There will be a separate pizza lunch that you can sign-up to attend in case you will already be at OLLI on May 1 or you just want an excuse to eat and mingle with other OLLI Members. 

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