Course Description

Instructor: Reed Crouch

Assuming you have a basic grasp of Spanish grammar, parts of speech, and vocabulary, this course can help you to create more advanced sentences, conjugate verbs in all tenses, and improve vocabulary for more advanced conversations. It will teach you how to ask and answer simple questions about familiar topics and adequately handle simple to more complex situations. The course is designed to advance your skills beyond those learned from the No-Nonsense Conversational Spanish - Level I course. There will be no required homework or exams, however, progress is significantly dependent upon immersing yourself in the language through reading, writing, listening, and pronouncing aloud.

Workbook: No Nonsense Spanish Workbook: Jam-packed with grammar teaching and activities from beginner to advanced intermediate levels 1st Edition by Caitlin H Cuneo 

ISBN- 978-1533326720


Bio: Mr. Reed Crouch was formally trained in Spanish through an intense university program followed by two years living along the Mexican border. In addition to more than 40 years’ speaking the language, he scored Level C1.2 (proficient in complex conversations) on the CEFR language mastery exam. His associations include people from all over Latin America, Spain, and the U.S. He has taught formal and informal classes, addressed Spanish-speaking audiences, performed “live” interpretation, and translated written English texts to Spanish. Mr. Crouch is an assistant communications director for a global organization and is assigned over its social media, with one of nine channels being in Spanish. He and his wife, who originates from Mexico, have three children, two of whom are fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. His 20-year digital marketing career led him to freelance in social media, web development, graphic design, and videography for small businesses. He also enjoys playing guitar, mixing “live” bands, and producing music.

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