Course Description

Transformational leadership techniques encourage leaders to achieve excellence by successfully engaging and motivating people. While other management theories rely on "telling" others what to do, the transformational methodology taps into amazing sources of drive and commitment by selling employees on both the vision and value of individual roles. Our interactive course examines how and when to utilize this approach for maximum leadership effectiveness, thereby generating significant buy-in and workforce ownership.

Class begins with a comparison of common leadership styles; we'll then utilize tools and techniques to help you develop and implement a transformational leadership plan in your own workplace.

Course Outline

What will be covered: 
Lesson 1.  What is motivation and how do leaders use it?

  •  Extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation
  • Why extrinsic rewards fail to motivate over time

Lesson 2.  Sources of Power in Organizations

  • Consider the five main sources of power 
  • What are they 
  • How/when are they effective 

Lesson 3.  Explore Common Leadership Styles

  • Discuss four common leadership styles:
    • Autocratic leadership 
    • Democratic leadership
    • Laissez-faire leadership 
    • Transactional leadership
  • Define transformational leadership with its challenges and drawbacks

Lesson 4.  Transformational Leadership in Action

  • Introduce the steps to implement this leadership approach
  • Explore the four components of transformational leadership
  • Apply this approach to your team 

Learner Outcomes

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Compare and contrast common leadership styles
  • Define transformational leadership
  • Use tools and techniques to implement the four components of transformational leadership:
    • Intellectual stimulation
    • Individualized consideration
    • Inspirational motivation
    • Idealized influence
  • Develop a plan to implement transformational leadership

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