Course Description

Too much to do, working too many hours, multi-tasking to get things done but it is still not enough? High levels of stress and poor productivity are eventual results. This course will help you identify strategies you can use to manage your time and optimize productivity. The key to managing your time and productivity is gaining control over the habits and activities that cause you to waste time and managing all the tasks you have to get done.

Participants will learn how to prioritize, plan and focus their time more effectively and use tools and techniques to eliminate productivity bottlenecks. Participants will also learn how their unique time style drives and affects their daily interactions and can assist in guiding improved productivity. In addition, participants will develop an individualized action plan to support their new found skills in the workplace and to maintain an increased level of productivity and personal satisfaction.

Course Outline

What will be covered: 

Lesson 1: Understanding Time Management, Productivity, and Self Management

  • Develop definitions
  • Introduce key concepts that sabotage productivity

Lesson 2: Identifying Productivity Bottlenecks

  • Time log review (pre-work)
  • Identify the most common time wasters such as: procrastination, multitasking, negative and reactionary habits, and e-mail

Lesson 3: Establishing Control Techniques

  • Plan efficient and effective control by using best practice control processes that include: goal setting, prioritizing, scheduling, and monitoring

Lesson 4: Creating Better Work Processes and More Productive Work Environments

  • Review best practice techniques such as: time management matrix, Pomodoro technique, time boxing, next action tasking, batch processing, and contingency time efficiency
  • Identify simple technology to increase effectiveness
  • Get your work space and files organized

Lesson 5: Determining Your Time Style

  • Characterize your personal style of time management
  • Evaluate your current strengths and recognize opportunities for improvement
  • Assess the effect your time style has on others

Lesson 6: Action Planning and Wrap-Up

  • Create individualized action plan and next steps

Learner Outcomes

After this class, you will be able to:
  • Appreciate the difference between time management, productivity and self management
  • Establish productivity habits by identifying and learning to focus on control techniques that increase effectiveness
  • Identify productivity bottlenecks and causes of wasted time and adopt behavioral strategies and techniques to handle biggest time wasters
  • Identify elements of behavior style that contributes or hinders effective use of time
  • Develop a personal action plan for mastering new techniques and applying to their work environment

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Managing Your Time and Productivity
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