Course Description

Coaching is the one-on-one work of a manager to help employees' efforts to improve their performance. Success in a changing business environment requires employees who are constantly learning and adapting. This course provides managers with powerful coaching techniques to help their reports learn more, use better judgment, and make better decisions. Topics covered include following a multi-step coaching plan, developing your own coaching skills, using a model to guide the coaching conversation, and providing feedback.



Course Outline

Lesson 1. Coaching Defined
  • The Importance of Coaching
  • Essential Coaching Skills

Lesson 2. Your Coaching Skills

  • Assessing Your Coaching Skills
  • Acknowledging Your Coaching Skills Gaps
  • Working on Your Skills Through Practice Scenarios

Lesson 3. The Model for Coaching Conversations with Employees

  •  Steps in the Process to Use Every Time
  • Questions to Ask
  • Using a Worksheet to Help You Stay on Target

Lesson 4. Becoming a Better Coach

  •  Creating a Plan for Yourself
  •  Goals to Accomplish
  • Accountability for Your Development as a Coach

Learner Outcomes

After this class, you will be able to:

  • Define coaching and its distinguishing characteristics
  • Follow a coaching model designed to increase performance
  • Create an action plan to enhance your individual coaching skills by identifying and addressing skill gaps based on results of a coaching competencies assessment
  • Conduct a coaching session

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