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Course Location Availability
Advanced Italian 1617 Zoom Available
Bel Canto Operas 2462 Zoom Available
Chair Yoga (MON) 1712 Zoom Available
Chair Yoga and Resistance Bands (WED) 1714 Zoom Available
Difficult Conversations about Genealogy 1778 Canceled
Go with OLLI Chattanooga, TN - Oct 27-29, 2021 (Double Occp) 2470 Available
Go with OLLI Chattanooga, TN - Oct 27-29, 2021 -(Single Occupancy) 2471 Available
Issues in the News - World, National, Local 1937 Zoom Available
Italian 4 1944 Canceled
Let's Lunch and Talk Trash: The 5 R's - Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot 2456 Zoom Available
Let’s brush up our Italian (level 4) 2463 Zoom Available
Medicare: Turning 65 or Retiring After 65 2004 Zoom Available
Memoir Kit - Love 2459 Zoom Enrollment Closed
More Viva La Revolución 2461 Zoom Available
OLLI at Emory Back to School Event. Friday, August 13, 2021 (10-1:30pm) Registration Required $25 2473 Century Center Available
Origins of Rock and Roll Music (1960 thru 1963) 2065 Zoom Available
Pandemics and the Law of Social Distancing 2465 Zoom Available
Stretch & Tone 2192 Zoom Available
The Civil War in Georgia 2239 Zoom Available
The Glories of the Metropolitan Museum of Art w/Howard Cohen (Hybrid Course) 2455 Zoom , Century Center Available
The Unseen Israel Expanded 2457 Zoom Available
Travel Photography: Getting Beyond the Snapshot 2460 Zoom Available
Visit Dahlonega, Wolf Mountain Vineyard and Kaya Vineyard and Winery, September 10th Day Trip 2472 Century Center Available
You Be the Judge - An Exhilarating Exploration of Jewish Civil Law 2466 Zoom Available
Zoo Atlanta - Past, Present and Future 2458 Zoom Available
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