The job market for data science professionals continues to grow - LinkedIn data shows that Artificial Intelligence Specialist is one of the top jobs for 2020.  With new tools and technologies, data science positions continue to trend up while adding new components from associated fields.  Today's contemporary practice of data science goes beyond merely the tasks of data gathering, data curation, and trend analysis.  Comprehensive data science techniques include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), while larger projects include computer vision, natural language processing, and consumer behavior analytics.  These emerging AI and ML methodologies can help data scientists take significant multi-structured datasets and process them with unprecedented ease.  Data science professionals must keep up with these technological advancements in data science and upgrade their skill set. 

Our course focuses on upgrading data scientists' skills by introducing applications of AI methodologies in data science.  Students learn to build and implement AI-powered models using TensorFlow, Keras, and Python.  The course is best suited for individuals interested in data science, data analytics, and AI-related careers.  Managers and corporate executives considering projects in big data, ML, AI, and large-scale business intelligence can also benefit from this course.  Basic knowledge of data science and some familiarity with Python is required.  The program will be delivered in eight full-day sessions spread over eight Saturdays, utilizing a hands-on project-based approach including lectures by subject matter experts with real-world operational experience. 


After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:
  • Assess and analyze data science projects that can benefit from the infusion of AI methodologies
  • Undertake the required mixed data engineering tasks
  • Build AI-infused business intelligence and data science models
  • Build AI-based models that discover insight and act on them automatically
  • Successfully test and implement AI-infused data analytics solutions

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