Effective communication in today’s global business environment is critical – don’t let your message get lost as a result of poor delivery. Internal and external comprehension requires proficiency in written, verbal and/or visual communication– and often a combination of all three methods. Both leaders and individual contributors can build expertise by identifying various communication styles, exploring best practices, and utilizing proper tools in order to create a working environment conducive to collaboration and mutually beneficial results.

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After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Integrate communication tools to improve communication messages
  • Explore best practices for written, verbal and visual communications
  • Detect individual communication styles and determine most efficient strategies for collaboration
  • Analyze influence and persuasion techniques to achieve win-win results


Students interested in this program should have already earned a bachelor's degree or possess equivalent professional work experience.


Please reference the table below for the length and cost of the electives in this program. Students should complete 12 hours of electives from the courses listed below. A diamond (♦) indicates a self-paced online course. 

Course Price Length
Building Teams - Building Culture $195 3 hours
Collaboration Skills & Strategies $195 3 hours
Communicating Collaboratively ♦ $95 5 hours
Creative Strategy & Visual Thinking $695 12 hours
Effective Communications for Project Managers $425 6 hours
Effective Emails, Memos, and Letters ♦ $95 5 hours
Essentials of Conflict Management $195 3 hours
Introduction to Online Learning ♦ $95 5 hours
Leading Inclusively and Equitably Across Differences $195 3 hours
Leading Through Change $195 3 hours
Managing Difficult Conversations and Situations $375 6 hours
Negotiating Business Deals ♦ $105 4 hours
Negotiations: Resolving Disputes ♦ $95 3 hours
Optimizing Virtual Teamwork $195 3 hours
PowerPoint for Business ♦ $95 3 hours
Presentations: The Power to Persuade and Inspire $395 6 hours
Speak with Confidence ♦ $45 2 hours
Teaching Online ♦ $95 5 hours
Visual PowerPoint ♦ $95 3 hours
Win-Win Negotiations $375 6 hours

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Minimum Required

6 Course(s)

Students must complete all of the following core courses:
Minimum Required

12 Hour(s)

Students should complete 12 hours of electives from the courses listed below:
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