Effective communication in today’s global business environment is critical – don’t let your message get lost as a result of poor delivery. Internal and external comprehension requires proficiency in written, verbal and/or visual communication– and often a combination of all three methods. Both leaders and individual contributors can build expertise by identifying various communication styles, exploring best practices, and utilizing proper tools in order to create a working environment conducive to collaboration and mutually beneficial results.

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After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Integrate communication tools to improve communication messages
  • Explore best practices for written, verbal and visual communications
  • Detect individual communication styles and determine most efficient strategies for collaboration
  • Analyze influence and persuasion techniques to achieve win-win results


Students interested in this program should have already earned a bachelor's degree or possess equivalent professional work experience.

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Students must complete all of the following core courses:
Students should complete 12 hours of electives from the courses listed below:
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