In the world of print and digital design, good looks are everything. Fortunately, creating professional content for either your clients or your employer is made easier by understanding the fundamental concepts provided in our unique Graphic Design courses.

Five certificate courses and 65 total hours of instruction will cover the identification of multiple principles and elements within good design -- color theory, composition, typography and more – while demonstrating how artistic decisions can create cohesive, expressive branding through the use of templates and style guides. We’ll also work within various Adobe Creative Suite software programs to explore effective visual communication strategies and best practices.

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Program Objectives

After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:
  • Describe the differences between raster and vector graphics, as well as identify when to use each type
  • Justify design decisions using their knowledge of color, composition, typography, and information hierarchy
  • Conceptualize and create clear visual solutions for complex communication problems in both print and digital media
  • Address real-world design challenges that accommodate multiple revisions and stakeholders
  • Critique, edit and refine their own and others’ work at a professional level

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Students must complete all five (5) of the courses listed below:
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